Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Did you ever kill anyone?"

In many pictures, you see child soldiers carrying guns. Why is this so?, to protect themselves. And two, for usage in a war or fight. One of the many questions asked is, "Did you ever kill anyone?" Most research tells us that the most of the children did not kill anyone. Most said they were scared, and just did what they were if they were told to kill someone, they did. (I don't think I would want to kill anyone either, even if there was a punishment!) Camp directors (also the child soldier's "advisors") said that when children were put on drugs-most likely, amphetamines, children would "do just about anything that they were ordered to do." But some, as the director said, were proud of having been effective killers. (Probably because that's how they were raised...or so that's how I would hope it was!!!)

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